Referans Clinical Laboratory Center


  Center Of Clinical Laboratory Referans feature high-tech equipment the world’s leading manufacturers Europe, the relevant world standards . The laboratory offers about 4000 species of laboratory research on 9 major sections . Our laboratory meets all modern requirements and equipped  with fully automated equipment . With the creation of a laboratory reference, we made a huge step towards new advanced technologies , the introduction of new research and methods of diagnosis , which today are considered. The gold Standard in laboratory practice . From the first days of work we follow the principles of social responsible business and are always open to projects that contribute to improving health in Azerbaijan . “Your results-it’s not just numbers” this the slogan we want to show our patients that received their surveys — it’s not just numbers and very time-consuming and requires a great deal of responsibility process . Thanks to the Quality Control System at every stage of the survey in our clinic meets all international standards . A single core system allows us to track the path biomaterial each patient from the point of reception biomaterial prior to the issuance of results .



– About 4000 species of laboratory research .

– Fully automated system .

– High-tech equipment of leading  global manufacturers .

– The system of external and internal control quality .

 – Good price .

– Best Check-Up profiles .

– Leaving the medical staff on the house .

– “Getting results in “personal Cabinet on the website or at a specified patient e-mail .




Hematological studies,  Coagulation studies, Flow Cytometry 


Autoimmunological panels and tests, Dietary, Respiratory

and Pediatric Allergic panel, Food Intolerance Test



  •  COLAB

Biochemistry and Hormones, the Study of heavy metals Vitamins, Tumor Markers, Drug Monitoring Prenatal screening tests are pregnant, Diabetic Monitoring .


Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics, Oncogenetics,

Pharmacogenetics and USING




The sowing of all types of biomaterials and definition of   sensitivity to antibiotics, a full study of sperm

Gastro and Respi Mari ROS panel, H. Pylori breath test


Metabolic Screening of Newborns, Steroid hormone panel


Taj Al – Kadhimiya Company – Iraq-Baghdad                      Azerbaijan – Baku , 24 Fikret Amirov,AZ1010  

Kadhimiya – St. 60 – Next to the City of  Games .                  Tel: +994124994867     Fax : +994124994876 

Tel: +9647710006590  /  +9647808078808                           Mob: +79154550500 / +994516001588                    


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