Rail Travel MMC is the first medical tourism facilitator that acts in the territory of Azerbaijan and offers high quality medical services and treatment tours to local sanatoriums and health improvement center.

We offer such tourism services as:

  • Individual tours
  • VISA-support setivces
  • Regional & city tours
  • Professional English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish languages speaking guides
  • Excurisons
  • Transfers/transport services
  • Rent car
  • Treatment tours to local sanatoriums & health improvement centers
  • Accommodation/hotel reservation
  • Air ticket sales to all destinations and etc.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide our clients with a range of safe, transparent, highly effective, word-class and affordable medical treatments.
  • Be an active partner between you-the patient-and the medical provider.
  • Help you make informed decisions about the medical treatment most relevant to you
  • Provide solutions tailored to your needs and expactations
  • Provide a considerate services for all our patients’ requirements so that you can experience comfortable, stress-free and hassle-free medical travel.